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Board of Trustees


Robert P. Macina, Esq., Chairman

Mark S. Korman, Vice Chairman


David I. Buckman, Esq. 

Robert M. Krasne, Esq.
Christopher W. Miller
Randy S. Patterson

Lisa Riggs

Jessica Sponsler

Susan Traverso

Judy S. Ware

James D. Warner




Email Mary Colleen Heil
x 1011

Executive Assistant to the President
Email Amy Gaston
x 1020


Director of Enrollment Planning

Email Barbara Elliott

x 1032

Vice President of Finance and Operations
Email Patricia Ernst
x 1015


Dean of Students
Email Pamela Richardson
x 1012


Academic Dean
Email Marc Torick x1049

Disbursements & Benefits Coordinator
Email Kim Ferland
x 1034

Email Lisa Good
x 1016

Director of Student Activities and Housing
Email Jane Higinbotham
x 1018

Director of Financial Aid
Email J. David Hershey
x 1013

Email Faith Gaddie
x 1014

Director of Admissions Marketing & Recruitment
Email Natalie A. Lascek-Speakman
x 1036

Senior Admissions Counselor
Email Rebecca Adey
x 1027

Admissions Counselor
Email Patrick Mendoza
x 1057

Admissions Counselor
Email Nicole Duquette
x 1039

Admissions Assistant
Email Jane O'Donnell
x 1035

Director of Continuing Education
Email Valerie Paige
x 1022

Continuing Education Administrative Assistant
Andrea Daugherty
x 1019

Director of Public Relations
Email Mary Rankin Stadden

Director of Development
Email Angela Spickler


Facilities Director
Email Dan Freiler
x 1023

Email Terry Herr
x 1041

Gallery Director
Email Heidi Leitzke
x 1079

Library Director
Email Karen Hutchison
x 1021

Director of Institutional Technology
Derrick Gutierrez
x 1033

Network Administrator
Email Hylon Plumb
x 1078

Systems Administrator
Email Jason Keeports
x 1095


"Meet me at the art college!" during the monthly First Friday celebrations in downtown Lancaster.



Recipients of PCA&D's Honorary Doctorates of Fine Arts, John A. Fry and Jerry Pinkney, enjoy a quiet moment after Commencement 2010 ceremonies with Bob Brandt, President of PCA&D Trustees, and Mary Colleen Heil, PCA&D President (pictured from left to right).



Foundation students (shown above) during a critique of 3D work at the end of the spring 2010 semester.







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