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Pennsylvania College of Art & Design celebrated its 30th year in 2012. Click here to read a brief history of PCA&D.


Our graduates are strong thinkers, strong makers, and strong communicators.  Ninety-seven percent of those in the Class of 2012 (who responded to a placement survey) are employed or pursuing additional education.


Coming soon: Watch for an upcoming news story about the development of PCA&D's Art Garden and the expansion of our campus. PCA&D acquired the Art Garden in the fall of 2012. Click here to see images of our tree plantings there.


Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s strong Bachelor of Fine Arts program attracts aspiring professional artists who want to study in an urban environment, and within a community that actively supports the arts.


PCA&D is a non-profit, professional art college offering four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography, and beginning in Fall 2014, a major in Digital Media.  


The Suzanne H. and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center

In 2010, PCA&D opened the new 9,200 square foot design center, which consolidated and enhanced all of the digital aspects of the College under one roof.  Students from all disciplines connect their creative energies in one dynamic environment.  The Design Center opened on September 9, 2010


Then on September 11, 2012, PCA&D dedicated the design center and remaned it the Suzanne H. and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center in honor of the Schrotberger’s generosity towards the college.  PCA&D President Mary Colleen Heil was joined by PCA&D Chairman of the Board Robert Macina and fellow Trustee Lois Dostalik in acknowledging the Schrotbergers.  Suzanne and Ron also had the chance to address the faculty, staff, students and friends of the college who were assembled. Click here to read the full story.


The College would not be able to enhance its curriculum and facilities without a sound financial foundation.  PCA&D continues to exert prudent oversight of all its resources and thus, it remains a financially stable non-profit educational leader.


Further proof of our sound stewardship of resources -- and a reflection of the generosity of donors -- is in PCA&D's acquisition of 49 W. Chestnut Street, commonly known as the Art Garden, in September 2012.  The property is immediately across Prince Street from the college’s two buildings.  It will extend our branded presence in Lancaster city and we’ll become more visible to residents and visitors alike.  Click here to read the full story.


Financial overview of PCA&D


  FY '11 FY '12 FY '13
Operating Budget $5,343,338 $5,348,328 $5,266,422
Endowment $839,723 $842,047 $842,047
Net Assets $9,834,038 $10,240,074 $10,544,153
Net Asset: Liability 2.98:1 3.15:1 3.36:1

In the greater Lancaster community, the College is an important regional economic resource. Since 1987, it has invested more than $9.5 million in its properties and related improvements, and makes an annual contribution of $10 million to the economic flow of Lancaster city.



PCA&D alone generates 70,000+ person visits to the city

During the past year, the number of visits by persons who take classes or attend special events at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design exceeded 70,000.  Each of these visits also means that visitors use restaurants, retail shops, parking facilities, coffee shops, and other city businesses.  The ability to bring that many people into the city reflects the influence PCA&D exerts on the day-to-day, year-round economic flow of downtown Lancaster.


PCA&D's success can be attributed to a clear and focused mission; a talented board, faculty, and staff; enthusiastic students of all ages and interests; smart planning; and a community with a true appreciation of and commitment to the arts.



PCA&D's signature events

PCA&D has several events that are unique within and link the College to the Lancaster community. 


The 24-hour Designathon provides real-world experience for senior graphic design students by matching them with non-profit agencies in need of professional-quality creative work. It's one example of how the Lancaster, Pa.-based College is involved with its community in creative and influential ways, and provides valuable community service to the community-at-large.  The 2012 edition of Designathon: read about it here.


The 2013 (fifth annual) Designathon was held on February 22 and 23, 2013.  Read all about it and see the artwork here. You can also see the faculty and students, and a few past Designathon clients, in PCA&D's ad in the holiday 2012 issue of figLancaster magazine.  Click here.


The Mosaic Project builds bridges between the College and its community.  Students (and their families) from a middle school and a high school in the area, one rural and one urban, participate.  The Mosaic Project provides these families with opportunities to meet nationally-known artists, attend Saturday art classes (some led by the visiting artists), receive scholarships to non-credit classes (to use within one year), and attend a class with family members.  The Project also brings nationally-known artists to the Lancaster community: that is unusual among galleries in this area. 


Mosaic Propject artists in 2013 are Laylah Ali and Gerald Cyrus. Click here for details about the fifth annual event. The 2012 edition of Mosaic Project featured R. Gregory Christie and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia. Go to for details.  You may also see past Mosaic Project artists, such as Caldecott Medal winning illustrator Jerry Pinkney and Fulbright lecturer Diane Edison -- the artists of the Mosaic Project 2010 -- by clicking here.  Read about the 2011 artists, Raul Colon and Amy Sherald, by clicking here.


The Senior Show & Celebrationis an annual event, held before graduation.  Each year, members of the graduating class display their senior thesis projects and fill five floors -- over 60,000 square feet of space -- with top-quality work.  The Celebration lasts for three hours and during that time, art-loving people jam the hallways to enjoy the artwork, the students who created it, their friends and family, live music, and refreshments.


In 2013, over 2,000 people came to our SS&C.  Click here to read the full story.  The Senior Show & Celebration is Lancaster's largest one-day gallery event by a single organization, making it the gallery event of the year.  



More about PCA&D

In 2008, PCA&D was admitted as a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, a consortium of 36 leading art schools in the United States. We are also accredited by Middle States and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.


Students come from all over Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware, and once enrolled at PCA&D, most live within a five-to-six-block radius of the College.


The College's small, intimate environment means our students receive more individualized instruction from the studio faculty, all of whom are professional, working artists and designers. With state of the art facilities, a rigorous, professional curriculum taught by artists and designers who work in their fields, PCA&D provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in arts-related positions or advanced studies following graduation.


Our Continuing Education program is "Your place to explore art," and provides a wide variety of credit and non-credit studio and computer courses for youth, high school students, and adults. Whether you're taking a class for personal enjoyment or want to advance in your job, PCA&D has a class for you.

Pre-college classes assist teenagers who are considering art as a career by providing opportunities for them to expand their portfolios, an important component to the college admissions process.

The Continuing Education program enrolls students Lancaster County and beyond.  The program has grown from 232 students in 1997 to more than 1,000 annually. Through continuing education, PCA&D offers certificate programs in:

Social Media Marketing & Communications
Digital Design Series: Web
Digital Design Series: Print
Digital Photography










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