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Internships at PCA&D

If you are a current or prospective student at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, or a prospective employer of PCA&D interns, and have questions about the internship program, contact any of these members of the PCA&D staff or faculty:

Pam Richardson, Dean of Students

Maria Cummings-Miller, Internship Coordinator, Graphic Design

Dorothy Frey, Chair of Fine Arts

Robert Hochgertel, Chair of Illustration

Pamela Barby, Chair of Graphic Design

Christine Welch, Chair of Photography


Internships vary by department in terms of the overall number of hours a student is expected to be employed in a professional-level endeavor and the type of supervision that is required. 


If you are an employer with an art related full- or part-time employment opportunity for students or alumni of PCA&D, please visit Network to Success.


If you have a more specific, short-term opportunity that is neither an internship nor an art-related job, it may be eligible to become a competitive, curriculum-based project.  Please read the External Projects Policy, below.  The contact for submitting External Projects proposals to PCA&D is Pam Richardson, Dean of Students


PCA&D External Projects Policy


As an integral part of the professional goals of the BFA programs at PCA&D, students are frequently directed in the process of accomplishing projects proposed by external sources. Requirements for evaluating and accepting project proposals submitted to the College are:


1. Proposals must be submitted in writing. Proposals from companies, organizations, institutions, galleries, museums and the like must be on appropriate letterhead stationery. Proposals from individuals must be typed on plain paper.


2. Proposals must include all project specifications:

  • Contact information (name of company/group/individual, address, e-mail, landline or cell phone numbers, name of contact person).
  • Project description (project goals and outcomes, due dates, job or exhibition specs, available budget, etc.).
  • Proposals should be submitted to the dean of students’ office ( or Dean of Students, PCA&D, 204 N. Prince Street. Lancaster, Pa. 17603) 
  • Proposals will be evaluated by appropriate administrators (the academic dean, department chairs) and faculty for relevance to the College’s BFA curriculum and its stated professional goals and outcomes for students.
  • Proposals that support curricular and professional goals will be accepted and passed to departments to manage. Department chairs may assign projects to faculty teaching courses in which the expected outcomes align with and support curriculum and curricular goals. 
  • Proposals with professional goals that do not directly support curricular goals will be posted internally for students to consider on a volunteer basis. In these instances, the project is not managed by department chairs or individual faculty.


Note that all externally proposed projects must allow adequate ‘academic time’ for completion. Colleges function in weeks and semesters instead of hours and days. Placing a project into the curriculum in a manner that will ensure quality results takes time. In all instances, the educational or professional experience for participating students is of paramount importance as the College evaluates any external project proposal. Projects with short lead or turn-around times are unlikely to be accepted.







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