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What Pennsylvania College of Art & Design students have to say about their internship experiences



" On my own, I produced and edited a full-length DVD using everything I had been learning at PCA&D about Adobe CS4 Production tools. I also worked on several projects adding motion graphics to videos for commercials that are now being run. I went on several video shoots and got behind the scenes to learn what actually goes into the making of a commercial. Both my supervisors at Postage, Inc. were very helpful and informative. They were great fun and had a lot of experience to share."

~ Jason Birchfield '10, Graphic Design


“I did my internship at The Fictory--an animation studio in Lancaster. I got to work on American Terror, an animated short based on a graphic novel, and on a music video for a children's CD called Baby Loves Salsa. I got good experience with--and learned a lot more about--software like After Effects and Photoshop that I was already using in my courses at PCA&D."
~Trisha Gupta '09, Illustration


"Logos, e-newsletters, Web site design, photography and Web banners were just some of the things I worked on. I also bound a proposal book, designed thank-you cards and participated in brainstorming sessions. I consider myself a proactive student who asks a lot of questions and is passionate about design. The Go LLC agency was a good fit for me--they do high quality work and my supervisor gave me useful, encouraging feedback and direction."
~Megan Caruso '09, Graphic Design


"For a fine artist, a gallery internship is really useful. I learned a lot about running a gallery and mounting exhibitions. My supervisor at Kalagyros Gallery was very specific about what needed to be done and I had lots of supervision while I learned to do installations. I never realized how much work goes into a show."
~ Matt Doyle '09, Fine Arts


“I interned with the publisher/editor of Photo Review Magazine and learned how to organize photographs to be archived and published. I also wrote a review of a new photography book which actually got used in the magazine.* My supervisor was definitely someone I’ll feel free to go back to for future work advice and referrals.”
~ Lynn Rocco ’09, Photography
*“Encountering Firenze un Inconteo,” Photo Review, Volume 28, Number 3


"The internship I did at Ameritech Media Corporation was a pretty awesome experience. There was plenty of work for me right from the start. I did a 60-second Web spot for a print broker from hand-drawn storyboards to full digital illustration. I designed assets for Tyco Electronics' concept for an interactive world that will be completed in another year. I also worked on the redesign of the Ameritech logo and Web site for the European environment and I became the go-to guy for all Web sites that needed to be updated and edited in the AMC CMS content management program. The summer was loaded with professional-level experiences--I think my internship personified what the whole PCA&D program tries to achieve."
~ Zach Kolodziejski '10, Graphic Design


"This opportunity was very helpful to me in terms of working one-on-one with a client, interpreting a client's vision and producing imagery that met it. I was asked to produce concept illustration for a revitalization project in a small town near Lancaster. I felt I had the technical, digital and conceptual training I needed and that I learned most from having to work so closely with a creative director's mind-set."
~ Ken Lieb '09, Illustration


" My internship couldn't have been more related to my future goal as a fine artist. I interned within the PCA&D's K-12 youth program as a teacher's assistant. My supervising instructor was constantly available and shared lots of career information about the teaching profession. Besides PA state certification, the instructor already had her BFA. She worked with me to help me understand how to take the knowledge I'm gaining at the college level and interpret and pass it on to children. That process made the projects very creative and made me think outside the box in learning to structure and teach age-appropriate lessons."
~ Katie Knox '09, Fine Arts


“Working with a commercial photographer, I learned so much about the profession and how the things I’m learning in school are actually used and applied every day. I did everything from wedding photography to shooting a residence in Lancaster from a helicopter! Talking about photography with a working photographer kind of as an equal was awesome – I learned so much from what he said about successes and failures in his own work and business. It was a neat feeling to know I was trusted as a colleague.”
~ Amanda Kirkham ’08, Photography


"The work was challenging and fun to do because of that. The projects at Younger Works were creatively free and the end results really were my designs. I used all the software skills I'd been taught at PCA&D in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash to design and build several Web sites and update shopping cart products. My supervisor's critiques were constructive and very helpful to the process of getting to the end product."
~ Dan Birzak '09, Graphic Design


"The illustration assignments were given to me by my mentor as if he was a client. He gave me a variety of subjects or issues to illustrate; gave me deadlines and then went through a full, one-on-one critique with me on each finished piece--as both a colleague and a client. I felt I made a lot of progress in developing ideas on paper. It was a very satisfying experience. Vassilis [Gogtzilas] was very involved with me, my work and my goals as an illustrator throughout the internship--we are still in contact even though its been months since the internship ended."
~ Evan Jones '09, Illustration









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