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Mar 20

3/20/2012 9:25 AM 


By Eric Weeks, Instructor, Foundation and Photography departments


As part of my "Lighting and Advanced Digital Camera" class for photography majors, students had the opportunity to go off-campus and capture portraits of locally prominent people.

Over two weeks in March, photo majors captured the following prominent Lancastrians: Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray; Judge Bruce Roth, Magisterial District 02-2-02; Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Sturla, 96th Legislative District; and Reverend David Peck (Rector), his wife Dr. Cordelia Moyse, and their daughter Theodora at Lancaster's Saint James Episcopal Church.


Eric Espinosa '14, Karen Goswell '14, Celia Gillam '14, State Rep. Mike Sturla, and Chelsea Crossett '14.


Two students were assigned to each subject.  They set up the lighting together, but took turns shooting with their own camera, allowing each of them to have creative control. Three assistants are also there to help set up, knock down and carry equipment from location to location.

Real-world assignments such as these provide PCA&D students with the experience of shooting editorial portraits for magazines or newspapers.  They need to meet strangers, communicate what they are looking for in their
photographs, quickly decide the environment and lighting, and learn to delegate responsibilities to their assistants. The photographers had only 45 minutes to meet, set-up, shoot and knock down.  This is very often the way it happens in the real world.

The photo subjects are locally well-known.  This gives the students an opportunity to think about how to make photographs that describe who the subject is and what they do.  It also helps that the students experience meeting strangers so they can practice social skills needed for this kind of work.  The fact that the subjects are pillars of the community helps the student recognize what a great opportunity they engaged in.

Students who participated in this project wrote short essays about their experiences. Read about this project in their own words.

Click here for the essay by Chelsea Crossett '14.

Click here for the essay by Celia Gillam '14.

Click here for the post by Lindsay Garner '14.



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