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Apr 3

4/3/2013 9:27 AM 


Making the decision where to attend college is not easy.  As you consider your options, here are updated student statistics from J. David Hershey, director of financial aid at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.
Affordability and value are just two of the factors that families need to consider as they make their college choice.

The median borrowing for students at PCA&D is typically $18,250 (over four years) in federal loans for their undergraduate study (Source: National Student Loan Data System).  At today's rates, the repayment for this loan over 10 years is approximately $210.02/month. (Your borrowing may be different.)

PCA&D's student loan default rate is only 2.8 percent.  Compare that to the national average of 13.4 percent (Source: National Student Loan Data System).

What does this statistic tell you? Our students are able to earn their degrees at a reasonable cost and they are able to secure meaningful employment after graduation. For all PCA&D graduates, they have an average placement rate of 84 percent. More specifically, of the 96 percent of the Class of 2011 who responded to a recent placement survey, 90 percent are employed or pursuing graduate school. PCA&D's graduates are strong thinkers, strong makers, and strong communicators who are equipped with the skills to land that first post-graduation job or gain entrance into the graduate program of their choice.

Reach out to David at (800) 689-0379, ext. 1013, email him, or check out the tuition and financial aid page on our website at

For more information and to compare PCA&D to other colleges, please visit

To learn about loan repayment choices and work out your Federal loan monthly payment, go to


Check out our post related to financial aid, "FAFSA: Only slightly harder than Angry Birds."




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