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Aug 5

8/5/2013 1:20 PM 

Kaitie Trout '14, a graphic design major and "Summer Preview" exhibitor, is wrapping up her summer internship at Neo Pangea, a "digital boutique" located in Reading, Pa. that works with national clients.


Katie -- shown below with the company mascot -- writes that "...the most important ingredients to success are teamwork, a good work ethic, and communication. Working in a small and cozy studio/office environment has allowed me to really become a part of the team and constantly collaborate and bounce ideas off those working around me. This is something I learned in my junior year at PCA&D...where I worked with a team of classmates" in real-world projects and as part of PCA&D's annual Designathon.



"Everyone [at Neo-Pangea] has taught me something, whether it be business sense, design or development skills, or how to communicate and work successfully as a team on fast-paced projects. The work here doesn't always involve design like I am learning in school. This is both challenging and exciting because I am constantly teaching myself new things, and learning so much from co-workers."

"Interning at Neo-Pangea has been a truly amazing experience for me, and I can't wait to come back to PCA&D with everything I have learned and use it to my make my senior year, and the rest of my future, a success."

Indeed: PCA&D graduates are strong thinkers, strong makers, and strong communicators.



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