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Senior illustration majors tapped by historic N.J. playhouse
11/9/2010 9:09:00 AM by PCA&D



Senior illustration students at PCA&D have once again created promotional art for children's plays presented at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman, NJ. 

Students whose works are used for the 2011 promotions include David Clancy, Helaine Crawford, Rachel Distler, Daryl Funck, Lori Long, Grace Mulcahy, and Emily Rose Warren. 


Helaine Crawford's work for "Dr. Doolittle" is pictured above.  In addition, the senior's artworks depict family favorites such as "Three Little Pigs," "Charlotte's Web," and "Alice in Wonderland."  The work is seen on the Theatre's print brochures and Web site, and on individual show's playbill covers and posters inside the theater.

You can view their work on the Theatre's Web site by clicking here.  

Robert Hochgertel, chair of PCA&D's illustration department, notes that this is the fourth year his senior students have successfully created art for the Broadway Theatre.  He also notes that as result of this recurring client-driven project, illustration graduate Bridget Stanley '09 secured on-going freelance illustration work with the theater. 
PCA&D students have occasionally gone to the Broadway Theater to see their artwork on posters and playbills inside. Alumnus Neil McMillin '07, who created artwork for the Theatre's production of "Gypsy," told of an experience he had when patrons at the Theatre asked, upon learning he was present, to sign the front of the playbill that featured his art.

The Broadway Theater in Pitman, New Jersey, opened in 1926. It served as a stopping point for performers traveling between Philadelphia and New York.  Among the famous celebrities who appeared at the theater over the years are Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Abbott & Costello, George Burns and Gracie Allen, the Herman's Hermits, and George Carlin. You can read more about the Broadway Theatre's history here.

You can learn more about PCA&D's illustration major by clicking here.



















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