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Ray Troll brings his scientific surrealism to PCA&D
3/8/2011 11:12:00 AM by PCA&D



Alaskan artist Ray Troll, who is best known for his illustrations inspired by natural history, energized the PCA&D community on March 17 with two public talks and lots of interaction with the college community. 


At 10 a.m. he introducd the community to "Fish Worship and the Art of Ray Troll or How I Became a Scientific Surrealist."  After that public talk, Troll spent the day with PCA&D students in the classroom.  You can see him hamming it up in the photo above (photo courtesy of Charles Beyl).


That evening, Troll led the audience through "Further Adventures of Scientific Surrealism."


Illustrator and co-author of seven books, Troll teamed up with paleontologist Kirk Johnson in 2007 to publish “Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway,” which details a 5,000-mile romp the two took through the American West in 2006 in search of fossils, fossil-finders and their stories.  A travelling exhibit of artworks from the book is on display at the North Museum of Natural History & Science, Lancaster, through May 1, 2011. 

You can also see more about Ray Troll's art here.

"Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway," by Ray Troll.  Image courtesy of the artist.

* -- The exhibition "Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson" and associated programming are a collaboration of the North Museum of Natural History & Science and the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and are made possible by the generous support of Ellen A. Groff.

Ray Troll and Kirk Johnson are the second speakers in the North Museum's annual lecture series funded by the Eiserer-Hickey Foundation. The series will help the Museum develop collaborative programs with organizations with similar interests. This lecture is being sponsored jointly by the Museum, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, and Franklin & Marshall College.














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